Spanish Class for Beginners

Where to start?

Initiating a new language can seem a bit overwhelming.  You may even have the thought, “The more I learn, I realize there is that much more I need to know!”  Of course, language learning is a process, and even a life-long endeavor.  This is proven by the fact that most of us cannot claim to know all the vocabulary in our native tongue; unless, you are a sesquipedalian? (case in point!).

Benefits to language learning

The benefits to learning a second language are well-documented.  From being able to communicate with a whole new group of people, delving into cultural wonders with more complete understanding, expanded employment opportunities, and not to forget the physical - with improvements to brain health and better memory.

Did we mention language learning is a process?

Spanish classes either at the high school, college or continuing education level are a great way to get the ball rolling as you start to learn some of the basics.  Even language apps are a useful resource for those disciplined students who dedicate at least 30 minutes of their day to practicing.  However, Spanish immersion classes for beginners are also another excellent and popular option as a means of fast tracking the starting phase of language learning.

Benefits of learning Spanish at CPI Spanish Immersion in Costa Rica

CPI Spanish immersion in Costa Rica has been catering to students for almost 30 years, especially students who are just initiating their Spanish language journey, with an effective methodology, enhanced by small class size of no more than 4 participants per learning group. Conversation time and learning materials are level appropriate as you perfect your skills with classmates at a similar level. The huge benefit of studying in Costa Rica is that it is easily accessible by plane and an incredible learning destination thanks to the extremely friendly locals who are eager to help you improve your language skills. Take advantage of studying at each of the CPI campuses and see more of the country: the quaint, typical town of San Joaquin de Flores, the Monteverde Cloud Forest or the glorious coast of Flamingo Beach.  Dividing your time between campuses in no way compromises your learning; our Academic Coordinators are connected concerning your linguistic advancement, making each campus transition smooth.  And no need to worry about the logistics of campus transfer either, our Student Coordinators have you covered there, too!  If you are a beginner Spanish student, do not hesitate to take the leap and enroll in classes at CPI Spanish Immersion in Costa Rica!

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