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If you would like to brush up on your Spanish from the comfort of your own home, CPI’s online Spanish program is the perfect study forum. This flexible program allows you to study Spanish without having to take time off from work or school, and it will keep your skills sharp even if you do not use Spanish regularly in your daily life.

Just as in CPI’s on-site classes, your curriculum will be custom-tailored to fit your needs.....

with grammar study, vocabulary, and culture. We recommend these courses to those who wish to prepare for an upcoming international trip, who have finished studying at CPI and do not want to lose their progress, and those who cannot get away from their daily lives to come to Costa Rica in person. You can choose either 10 or 20 hours of each course, based on what best suits your needs.

CPI offers the following online courses:

  1. Pre-Immersion Online Program. Aimed at preparing you for a future trip to study in Costa Rica, this class offers a wide variety of useful vocabulary and grammar patterns that you will utilize throughout your visit. The course will help ensure a seamless transition into a Costa Rican, Spanish-speaking lifestyle, and those already registered to study on-site at CPI will receive a 10% discount!
  2. DELE Preparation Course. The DELE exam certifies your level of Spanish proficiency and is counted as an official title that will spice up your resumé and increase your job qualifications. This course is designed with Cervantes-Institute-certified materials that will make passing your DELE exam a breeze.
  3. Spanish for Professionals. Being bilingual is an asset in any career, and CPI’s Spanish for Professionals program will bring you closer to achieving this important milestone. Featuring one-on-one, face-to-face instruction via two-hour video conferences, this program offers flexibility and personalized instruction based on your skill set and line of work.

Living in the 'Information Age' certainly has its drawbacks (do people even talk to each other anymore, or do they just text?), but it has ushered in many unequivocal advantages as well. Take advantage of the opportunity to study Spanish through our fantastic online courses.  

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