SPANISH IMMERSION PROGRAMS: advantages of having a different Spanish professor each week

You have extensively investigated options and now have a short list of countries for your Spanish immersion experience. The next important consideration when looking at Spanish immersion schools is class size.  The best schools develop their programs with small class size in mind - the ideal scenario is no more than 4 other classmates – with each class being organized according to skill level.  This small class structure guarantees personalized instruction, guidance, and support during the Spanish learning process.

  Spanish immersion schools structured around small class size reflect serious consideration of the theories of language learning and associated academic studies. Said investigations determine that linguistic acquisition – oral proficiency, listening, reading, and writing - is influenced by numerous components, not excluding preferred learning style.  In reality, each student has a distinct mix of differing learning style preferences. 

In all likelihood Costa Rica is a top contender on your list as it is one of the most popular destinations for Spanish study.  This well-deserved reputation is thanks to the friendly nature of the Ticos, the quality of spoken Spanish, and incredible natural beauty which spans: rivers, volcanoes, virgin forests, and tropical beaches.  CPI Spanish Immersion school is one of the longest established and most respected options in Costa Rica, successfully attending to the needs of those wishing to learn Spanish since 1991. The CPI Spanish Immersion customized methodology is developed to be inclusive of each of the aforementioned linguistic acquisition capacities along with consideration to all learning styles, striving that our students either achieve functionality in the language and/or perfect current abilities. To attain this end, each CPI teacher masterfully applies our methodology; however, the CPI Academic Department is also cognizant of the importance of our students being exposed to the unique and varied styles of different professors.  As such, each week students change professors in order to experience different expressions, vocabulary, accents and conversation topics.  The application of our effective methodology coupled with our extensive experience, along with changing teachers makes for a more complete and genuine understanding of the complex Costa Rican culture by exposure to expanded interactions with a larger population base of locals, guaranteeing the most successful learning environment possible.

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