Spanish classes for families in Costa Rica

Does Spanish for the entire family sound like fun?  Or how about the kids spending their morning in dynamic and fun lessons while you relax and catch up on some leisure reading?  Either option is available to you with CPI Spanish Immersion in Costa Rica.

While the advantages to studying Spanish in a Spanish speaking country are obvious -- being surrounded by language and culture -- selecting a ‘combo experience’ that allows for afternoon and week-end touring is a fantastic way to see a new country.

Better yet, when you select an immersion school that assists in organizing your free time, you have hit the jackpot!  With CPI Spanish Costa Rica, students benefit from not one, or two, but three distinct locations at the most desired hot spots in the country – Flamingo Beach, the Monteverde Cloud Forest and the typical cultural town of San Joaquin de Flores.  Each destination provides the best of what Costa Rica has to offer, ensuring that your family adventure will be one to remember.

After fine tuning Spanish skills in small, age and level appropriate classes, you have a full afternoon for hands on learning or adventure.  While at CPI Heredia walk along national park trails to see the ecology of a volcano, visit the Children’s Museum in the nation’s capital, or take a tropical animal viewing nature riverboat tour (think: crocs, monkeys and exotic birds).  In Monteverde, live the cloud forest experience, walking along natural trails, observing first-hand how species interlink to create one of the most special eco-systems on the planet, visit a traditional sugar cane farm, or if you are up for adventure take a canopy zip-line tour through the tree tops.  Last but not least, dig your toes into the gorgeous sand beaches near CPI Flamingo; swim, boogie board, learn to surf or sail into the sunset on a catamaran cruise; reset and repeat!  These are just a few of the activities available to you, there are many more and for all travel interests.

CPI Spanish Immersion school offers a way to experience everything about Costa Rica: language, culture, fun and adventure!

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