The advantages to studying Spanish in Latin America are many: from learning about history & exploring archeological ruins to participating in ecological adventures to learning about varied cultural norms within a country, there is something of interest for every travel style. 

If organizing a trip for a student group is on your radar, congratulations!  In an increasingly global world, perhaps some of your students may have already had an international travel experience, but many have not.  For some students, this may be their only ‘first opportunity’. 


Opening this world of travel can give your students the confidence to journey beyond this initial visit; and, there is no arguing that travel abroad broadens the mind, it is even life changing! 

A highly recommended option on the continent is Costa Rica. A small gem in Central America, it is an amazing destination for study abroad by being easily accessible by plane and classified as an ‘easy introduction’ to the Latin American culture.  This is thanks to: her friendly people, being a peaceful nation and home to incredible bio-diversity -- this unique country is the perfect destination for adults and students alike!  As such, it’s not hard to see why professors look to Costa Rica for a safe study abroad experience.

Step 1: You are on board to lead a student group to Costa Rica!  Since educational travel with students involves numerous pre-trip decisions, firstly, you will determine whether you prefer a country overview excursion experience or a travel plan that maximizes cultural & linguistic experiences by including Spanish classes.  A major consideration would be your educational objectives and budgetary parameters. 

Once your preference is set, next you will want to decide upon the group size and make-up.  Will you open the trip to one Spanish class or several or perhaps even to the entire school?  This will be tied to your administration’s policies governing travel as well as the number of chaperones available to assist you – a solid ratio is 1 adult for every 12 students. Regardless of group size, you will want to craft a student behavioral contract which should be signed by both the student and parental guardian to establish expectations even prior to travel.  Another important pre-trip planning step are numerous orientations to assist in preparing both parents and students for what is in store.

CPI Spanish Immersion in Costa Rica is the selected study abroad provider of choice for numerous primary, middle, high school and university groups, with over 20 years of field-specific experience.  Services are inclusive of Spanish classes, homestays, transportation, cultural activities, excursions and logistical support.  Many of our groups return annually; this, thanks to our dedication of ensuring that students board their departure flight having grown in the language, developed an appreciation for a different culture and with increased admiration for themselves for having gone out on a limb to live an experience of a lifetime!

Be the teacher your students will always remember – CPI is here to assist you each step of the way!

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