Summer SPANISH classes for children and teenagers in Costa Rica

 Spanish in COSTA RICA!

A Spanish immersion experience in Costa Rica shows children and teens that the world is their classroom!  CPI Spanish Immersion offers age and level appropriate Spanish classes combined with living with a host family.  This combination, with engagement in the local community, has proven to be a most effective path towards not only language acquisition but also general life skills. What an amazing gift, at a young age, to see how others: organize their communities, observe traditions, cook foods in distinct ways, and celebrate life.

What does a typical day look like?

¡Buenos días!

Wake up in the morning to a freshly prepared tropical breakfast and then arrive to school for morning classes. The energy is high during class time with teachers actively engaging students to participate using: games, role-play, technology and conversation – all to make learning language fun for our younger students.  Envision your child on a treasure hunt, making empanadas, visiting a local ‘pulperia’ or acting in a small play – all in Spanish, under the guidance of a well-trained CPI professor.  Teen classes are also interactive and hand’s on, taking into consideration students’ interests – whether that be learning about the subtleties of Costa Rican soccer, immersing into Latin music, analyzing movies, or a lively word board game – classes are never boring!  An additional bonus for teens is the development of ‘soft skills’ to start preparing them for university.  These include improved communication, problem-solving & intercultural skills, flexibility and an appreciation for both other and one’s own culture.

¡Tardes de exploración!

Afternoons are spent in the local community where there are ample opportunities for engagement with the locals, along with an abundance of ways to see the natural beauty of this amazing country.   Each CPI has distinct offerings linked to location, so imagine life in a small town bordering the cloud forest, a quaint beachside ‘pueblo’ or the charming suburb of San Joaquin de Flores.  Each CPI location has so much to offer visitors.

La noche es para estar en familia

Dinner is enjoyed with the host family and then there is time for homework and relaxation.  Costa Rican families tend to spend evenings together.

In sum…..

With CPI Spanish Immersion you can live like a local (“Tico”) in one of the happiest countries on earth, participating in a tried and true model for not only learning the language but also gaining a more global perspective.  

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