Doctoral Candidate, William Justin Morgan

The Influence of Study Abroad: CPI Spanish Immersion, Costa Rica

It’s been a long journey since my first day as a student at CPI Spanish Immersion in Costa Rica, having traveled with The University of North Alabama.  This initial opportunity in Costa Rica, thanks to my professor and mentor, Dr. Claudia Polo Vance, was fundamental in helping to open my eyes to a whole new world. Here I should take a quick pause and thank not only Claudia but all those professors and teachers who dedicate their time and spring/summer breaks to establishing study abroad programs, with the goal of introducing young minds to a wider, global perspective.  It is such honored work, and they deserve so much appreciation. 

Spanish Class for Beginners

Where to start?

Initiating a new language can seem a bit overwhelming.  You may even have the thought, “The more I learn, I realize there is that much more I need to know!”  Of course, language learning is a process, and even a life-long endeavor.  This is proven by the fact that most of us cannot claim to know all the vocabulary in our native tongue; unless, you are a sesquipedalian? (case in point!).

WORLD CUP FEVER in Costa Rica: Oe Oe Oe Oeeeeeee TICOS TICOS!

Costa Rica: where soccer is king!

Costa Ricans have always had an enthusiasm for soccer and this is demonstrated by the organizational structure of any typical town; there is always: a church, a public school, a small store (la pulperia) AND a soccer field.  It is common to see kids and adults alike gathering for pickup games and anyone who shows up is welcomed onto the field to play; while the encounter is always fun, the desire to show off advanced moves and to win is serious!

World Cup 2018 EXCITEMENT with CPI in Costa Rica!

“Lo vamos a apoyar!” Step number one for each World Cup game is to have your country colors (red, white & blue) and your Costa Rica team jersey on!  Step two, a typical breakfast of gallo pinto and eggs (maybe with a fried sweet plantain or a slice of fresh bread) served prior to the start of the match.

Medical professional? Looking to improve or perfect your Spanish? 3 practical & feasible resources

As a professional invested in the well-being of your patients, being in a situation where you cannot understand what they are expressing can be uncomfortable, even somewhat stressful.  The probability of finding yourself in this scenario has increased over the past years with the growth in the Spanish speaking population. In fact, it has been estimated that in the next 50 years, Spanish will be spoken by as many U.S. inhabitants as the English language.  Spanish is particularly present if you are located in a high concentration urban area with considerable Latino immigration, such as: Houston, San Antonio, Dallas in Texas; Los Angeles, San Jose, San Diego in California; Chicago, Illinois & Miami, Florida, as well as the Tri-state area: New Jersey, New York and Connecticut.


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