Spanish classes for seniors in Costa Rica

Brain exercise: new ideas, new places and new people!

Studies abound as to the helpfulness of learning a new language, with more recent research showing that language immersion carries a particular benefit for seniors, such as: improvement of visual & working memory, sound discrimination, inductive reasoning and task switching.

Spanish classes for families in Costa Rica

Does Spanish for the entire family sound like fun?  Or how about the kids spending their morning in dynamic and fun lessons while you relax and catch up on some leisure reading?  Either option is available to you with CPI Spanish Immersion in Costa Rica.

SPANISH IMMERSION PROGRAMS: advantages of having a different Spanish professor each week

You have extensively investigated options and now have a short list of countries for your Spanish immersion experience. The next important consideration when looking at Spanish immersion schools is class size.  The best schools develop their programs with small class size in mind - the ideal scenario is no more than 4 other classmates – with each class being organized according to skill level.  This small class structure guarantees personalized instruction, guidance, and support during the Spanish learning process.


The advantages to studying Spanish in Latin America are many: from learning about history & exploring archeological ruins to participating in ecological adventures to learning about varied cultural norms within a country, there is something of interest for every travel style. 

If organizing a trip for a student group is on your radar, congratulations!  In an increasingly global world, perhaps some of your students may have already had an international travel experience, but many have not.  For some students, this may be their only ‘first opportunity’. 

What makes for good Spanish Immersion language learning? TOP 4 TIPS!

After having been successful in the process of learning Spanish, thousands of Spanish immersion students around the world agree on these TOP TIPS:

  1. It is important to diligently keep the Spanish lesson time in Spanish by avoiding using your native tongue, even though in the moment it could be much easier to do so.  Struggles to understand, and even the frustration, is part of good Spanish immersion lessonsRemember, the magic of immersion requires that only Spanish be heard and utilized in class. 


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