CPI ONLINE & SPANISH IMMERSION = the perfect combination!

Randal Robinson from Texas tells us more about his experience with the CPI Immersion Program and CPI online classes! From not knowing any Spanish to being able to have a fluid conversation with the teacher, Randy also talks about the benefits of and how easy it is to connect with us through our customized online courses!

Watch this video to learn more about Costa Rica slang

Have you ever wondered about which are the most common slang words of Costa Rica? “Costarriqueñismos” are words or phrases frequently used by Costa Rican people, most are very specific to the Costa Rican vernacular, such as "mae" (meaning friend or brother) or “PURA VIDA” (a friendly expression that reflects the Costa Rican attitude of enjoying life and living in the moment).

What is the best country for Spanish language study?

What to look for:

Inarguably the best country for Spanish language study correlates to your travel interests and style.  Spain has been receiving students, in particular those at university level, for many decades.  There is little doubt Europe is sought after as a cultural and historical mecca of sorts.  And few can deny excitement in seeing la Alhambra of Granada, the coast of San Sebastian, the Gran Via of Madrid or the Sagrada Familia of Barcelona.

CPI Spanish at the MaFLA Conference at the Springfield Sheraton: October 25 & 26

CPI Spanish immersion Costa Rica is pleased to announce participation in the upcoming Massachusetts Foreign Language Association 2018 conference in Springfield, MA. Language educators from the state come together each fall to discuss shared interests in linguistics and innovations in language acquisition.

Spanish programs for teachers we offer in Costa Rica

Offerings organized by CPI which could be of particular interest to educators include:

Academies to learn Spanish in a short time: online and immersion with CPI Spanish

When you are seeking to learn or improve your Spanish but are faced with time challenges owing to today’s busy schedules, a perfect option is to initiate the process with online Spanish classes. The advantage is you can start TODAY – no travel necessary.

Some FAQs:

How does the scheduling work for the CPI online Spanish classes?

Scheduling is flexible with classes offered from Monday through Saturday, aligning to your availability.  On average, students study twice or three times weekly for 2 hours each session in either our group or private class model.  But we have also had students take 90 minutes daily in our private model. 


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