Free online Spanish class


This is the most popular online class program as Spanish classes can be taught to anyone who wants to learn this beautiful language. The classes are taught by Professor live via videoconference. The teacher conducts a grammatical subject in each class, which uses a whiteboard displayed on the screen. Then the teacher applies practical exercises for the student begins to form sentences and describe situations that allow you to practice what you learned in class. The classes are fully interactive, so that if the student does not understand a concept the teacher will be available through videoconferencing to explain the most difficult topics of Spanish language.

Free online Spanish class

MINIMUM AGE TO LEARN SPANISH ONLINE: Spanish classes are offered for children from 4 years old and there is no age limit to learn.

This is possible because CPI has created many practical exercises that support the class and which are shown through the whiteboard. Each exercise is designed according to the level and age of our students. Therefore, this program allows customization teach all ages.

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