Teen Camp Monteverde: Day 1-2, July 17-18

It's been two incredible days at the Teen Camp, especially due to the new challenges the students have been facing!

Teen Camp Heredia: Day 4-7, July 13-16

Thursday was the hiking day! We went to Bosque Caricias, located in the mountains of Heredia. The students had a chance to walk through the beauty of the forest and see a beautiful view from the very top of the mountain, where we also had a delicious snack. They were also lucky it did not rain, so they saw the whole city of San Jose from far away!

Teen Camp Heredia: Day 1, San José City Tour- July 10

Today is the first day of class! This Teen Camp consists of 5 guys who in the first day already became friends.

Teen Camp Heredia: Day 2-3, Castillo Country Club & Canopy- July 11-12

On Tuesday, we had the opportunity to relax at the Castillo Country Club in the mountainside of Heredia. This club consists of the swimming pool, jacuzzi, beautiful gardens, mini golf and ice skating, soccer, basketball and volleyball courts.

Teen Camp Flamingo: Day 2-5 - July 3-6


In the morning we had a welcome, orientation, and tour of the school. We met our Spanish teacher and began our first day of classes, which included many games and activities to get our Spanish practice rolling.

We ate lunch at the school, a delicious meal of hamburgers with fries, and then spent a few hours relaxing at the school, playing basketball, doing homework, and walking around Flamingo Beach.

We then left for our first afternoon excursion, to the beautiful Playa Conchal. We enjoyed a relaxing and fun afternoon swimming, snorkeling, and soaking up the sun. 

As we were packing up to leave, we were able to get a glimpse of the beautiful sunset beginning to form in the sky. We left to return to our host families, with smiles on our faces after a wonderful first day.


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