Teen Camp Flamingo: Day 2-5 - July 3-6


In the morning we had a welcome, orientation, and tour of the school. We met our Spanish teacher and began our first day of classes, which included many games and activities to get our Spanish practice rolling.

We ate lunch at the school, a delicious meal of hamburgers with fries, and then spent a few hours relaxing at the school, playing basketball, doing homework, and walking around Flamingo Beach.

We then left for our first afternoon excursion, to the beautiful Playa Conchal. We enjoyed a relaxing and fun afternoon swimming, snorkeling, and soaking up the sun. 

As we were packing up to leave, we were able to get a glimpse of the beautiful sunset beginning to form in the sky. We left to return to our host families, with smiles on our faces after a wonderful first day.


We started our Tuesday morning off right away with Spanish classes including more games and engaging activities for practice. We took our daily break around 10 am, ate a snack at the school’s cafeteria and chatted with our friends.

When classes ended at 12 pm, we ate lunch at school, this time a yummy meal of chicken, fries, salad and rice. After eating, we enjoyed some free time playing basketball, then cooling off in the pool.

At 2:30 pm it was time for our next adventure! We boarded the bus and traveled to the town of Tamarindo, a surfer town and popular tourist destination. Once there, we were ready to begin our surf lessons. For some of us, it was our first time hitting the waves. We gave it our best attempt, some of us got the hang out it right away, but all of us had a blast!


After our usual morning of classes until 12 pm, we ate a lunch of spaghetti with meatballs. We were then soon ready to go for our afternoon excursion.

Today, we traveled an hour away to El Viejo Wetlands, a refuge area with breath-taking wildlife and gorgeous scenery.  When we learned how sugar cane stalks are squeezed to get juice using an ox and a ¨trapiche.¨ After trying some of the juice we pressed ourselves, we also tried chewing on some sugar cane. It was super sweet! Then, we were taken to learn how to make tortillas, coffee, and were given some other delicious treats to taste.

After the cultural tour, we were taken to a boat tour around Palo Verde to see the fascinating wildlife. Although our tour guide explained that we came during high tide, when most animals hide away, we were extremely lucky to see lots of incredible creatures! We saw crocodiles, baby crocodiles, monkeys (howlers and white-faced capuchins), iguanas, a variety of birds, coatis (a type of raccoon) and long-nosed bats. Our boat captain got us close enough to see much of the wildlife only a few feet away!


Our second to last day of classes here at CPI Flamingo included review games and activities to engage our Spanish learning. Once classes ended, we enjoyed a lunch at school again, this time a scrumptious meal of rice, beans, and french fries.

We had lots of free time on campus before leaving for our afternoon adventure. We decided to walk around downtown Flamingo beach, exploring some of the shops, taking in the beautiful beach view, and eating some refreshing ice cream. 

Soon enough, it was time to leave for our afternoon of horseback riding! We arrived and were each given a horse, then listened carefully to the instructions for giving our horses commands. Then we took off with our tour guide, riding through Brasilito and the surrounding beaches. Our tour took us far past Playa Conchal, to Playa Puerto Viejo, and then along Playa Brasilito. It was a beautiful sunny day to ride along the beaches and enjoy some soothing horseback riding!

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