Teen Camp Heredia: Day 2-3, Castillo Country Club & Canopy- July 11-12

On Tuesday, we had the opportunity to relax at the Castillo Country Club in the mountainside of Heredia. This club consists of the swimming pool, jacuzzi, beautiful gardens, mini golf and ice skating, soccer, basketball and volleyball courts.

This day, the students were able to have a day filled with fun activities. The first one was ice skating. They had fun and got tired easily, as they went from side to side in the ice skating rink, which also had music and LED Lights. After that, 4 out of the 5 students went inside a haunted house where they got soaked with water! As they were brave enough, they had a blast as well. 

After that we had a small snack and we headed to the mini golf course. The mini golf entertained them for quite a while, they played for over an hour! After they decided the winner, we went to the pool area where they hanged out at the jacuzzi. Overall, it was a great afternoon!

On Wednesday, we went to Colinas del Poás for a canopy adventure! Even if it was raining, nothing stopped the positive attitude of the students. They seemed to have lots of fun, as the cables were wet, due to the rain, they went faster that ever, in a safety environment, of course! They were thrilled to have a 14-cable canopy experience in the middle of the rainforest. The view was beautiful and the day resulted a success. 

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