Teen Camp Monteverde: Day 1-2, July 17-18

It's been two incredible days at the Teen Camp, especially due to the new challenges the students have been facing!

As Monday classes started, the weather here has been cold and rainy. We had the opportunity to go Mountain Biking after class! The students were not that fond about it. They ended up completely wet from head to toes and it was windy! Even though it wasn't their favorite activity, they were happy, because they got to relax at the CPI Monteverde's jacuzzi!

Tuesday was an amazing day for all of them! We went to a canopy called 100% Aventura! On this day, the students were in front of their fears and defeated them. They not only did canopy, but they had the chance to fly and feel like Superman, did a rappelling and to top it all, the Tarzan Swing! All the 4 students did it, and they were extremely brave! After this, we went to the Cheese Factory and bought delicious ice cream. In general it was a great adventurous day!



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