Teen Program Monteverde Week 2



        HOLA! Bienvenidos a Monteverde!


     Hello everyone! Welcome to the second week of Teen Camp in Monteverde! If you have already been following along with the blog you know my name is Nicole and I am the Teen Camp chaperone! I will be with the children at all times, and here is where I will write about each day so you can follow with us on our adventures! If you are new to reading the blog, welcome! Enjoy everyone!



Weekend Trip July 7th & 8th, 2018

  This past weekend we went to Arenal Hot Springs, we enjoyed a stay in a nice hotel with hot springs close by. The hot springs are naturally heated by the Arenal Volcano! After swimming on Saturday we enjoyed a nice dinner, and then headed off to sleep! Sunday, we went on a hike where we were able to see a beautiful view! After, we enjoyed lunch and headed to Monteverde where the kids will be staying for the remainder of the week!  



Monday July 9th, 2018

  On Monday we went to the hanging bridges where we were able to see wild life and very nice views. There were 5 different hanging bridges! We were able to see a Howler Monkey up close and personal as well as a Sloth, unfortunately the Sloth was too far away so we were not able to get a picture!



Tuesday July 10th, 2018

   On Tuesday we went to Aventura Zipline where the students were able to zipline normally as well as doing the Superman Zipline. They also had a chance to go on more hanging bridges, a drop, and a Tarzan Swing! It was an adrenaline rush to say the least however, the kids loved it!


Wednesday July 11th, 2018

   On Wednesday we participated in a cooking class where the kids made traditional Costa Rican food, yummm! We also went to Santa Elena to shop and buy ice cream! After Santa Elena the kids were able to participate in a soccer scrimage with locals from Monteverde!

Teen Camp Flamingo: Day 2-5 - July 3-6

      Bienvenidos a Flamingo!





Day 1-2 June 16-17th, 2018

    Hola! I'm back but in Flamingo! I'm putting day one and two together because we spent it on an over night trip at Buena Vista. Buena Vista is a hotel resort with many outdoor activities like horseback riding, ziplining, hot springs, tube sliding, and a class on how to milk a cow! We spent the first day horseback riding and enjoying the hot springs. The next day we woke up early to enjoy a nice big breakfast and after we went to the class on how to milk a cow, after the class we went tube sliding, basically going down a huge slide in a tube. After all the activities we relaxed in the pool then headed to Liberia, a near by town where we enjoyed Subway and ice cream! Our day finished early so the kids could come home and rest so they will be ready for classes tomorrow!




Day 3 June 18th, 2018

     On Monday we went to the ATV tour, the kids loved the tour! At first they were a little nervous but once they practiced a little everything was fine. We were able to enjoy several different beautiful beaches and back roads. Once the kids got used to driving they didn't want to stop! We drove till right before sunset and then the kids went home to rest after a long first day of classes plus the activity. 


Day 4 June 19th, 2018

   On Tuesday we went to Mar Vista, a beautiful restaurant with an infinity pool and a beautifu view of the beach! Before we went to Mar Vista the kids were able to participate in a class where they painted traditional Boruca masks. Boruca is an indigenous tribe in Costa Rica. They were able to learn some about the tribe and their culture and then take part in it! Tuesday was a pretty fulfilling day to say the least. 


Day 5 June 20th, 2018

   On Wednesday our activity was to go on the sailing tour. We left after lunch to the Catamaran with around a 30 minute ride out. When we arrived the kids were able to snorkel, kayak, paddle board, or just swim and hang out. Of course everyone chose to snorkel! After around 45 minutes of snorkeling they came back to the boat and enjoyed a nice snack and a ride back with a beautiful view of the sunset. It was a very relaxing but fun day! 


Day 6 June 21st, 2018

   On Thursday we went surfing! The kids had a blast! All of us became professionals! It started off with techniques on how to get up on the board, then we put it to the test! We went into the waters and a few of us wiped out the first couple times, but finally we got the hang of it! After surfing we were able to walk to Tamarindo town and go to a smoothie shop. After refreshing drinks the kids returned to their host families to get some rest. 


Day 7 June 22nd, 2018

    On Friday the kids participated in dance class where they learned how to Salsa and dance Merengue! After dance class we went to a beach named Playa Conchal, Playa Conchal is a beach that has instead of sand, seashells. After Playa Conchal we went to Playa Flamingo for a bonfire on the beach with all of CPI! The kids were able to participate in activities and after have food, roast marshmellows, and end with campfire songs! The kids deserved a fun but relaxing celebration for the end of their studies!





      WEEK 2


Day 8 June 23rd, 2018

     On Saturday we went to La Ponderosa, this activity consisted of Kayaking down a river, a nice traditional lunch, and a trip to the waterfall where we could swim. We did not spend much time swimming so instead we went to see the animals they have. I think that was the girl's favorite part!




Day 9 June 24th, 2018

    On Sunday we went to Diamante, I think this was the girls favorite trip so far! We spent the day looking at the animals they have at Diamante (it's one of the largest animal sanctuarys they have here). So first, we got to explore and see the frogs, snakes, butterflies, sloth feeding, monkeys, jaguars, pumas, etc. Then, we went ziplining, and a special kind of ziplining was included it's called the "superman" where you lay flat like superman and do the zipline like that (unfortunately I do not have pictures of this because I participated and could not do the Superman while having my phone on me). After that adrenaline rush we had lunch with a variety of different foods! After lunch we went to the beach and were able to relax, kayak, and snorkel. After the Diamante trip the girls returned to their houses for rest!



Day 10 June 25th, 2018

    On Monday we went paddle boarding! We saw some pretty big waves and spent awhile trying to get out past the waves, it was fun but way too hard to successfully paddle board, so we moved to a different beach where it was calm. After moving it was so much easier to use the paddle boards. The kids had contests to see who could stay on their board the longest while the others tried to get them to fall off. After successfully paddle boarding we paddled back to the shore while watching the beautiful sunset to bring our day to an end.




Day 11 June 26th, 2018

     On Tuesday we went boogie boarding the kids enjoyed boogie boarding in the rain at first because of the waves! We spent most of the afternoon there and then left before sunset. Before we left the kids were able to enjoy icecream of their choice to finish off the trip!




Day 12 June 27th, 2018

   On Wednesday we had cooking class as well as going on the Catamaran trip! We rode out to a point where the kids were able to snorkel! However, they did not snorkel they got the kayaks and paddle boards out! After fun in the water we all came back to the boat and enjoyed a nice snack. After eating we rode out into the sunset!




Day 13 June 28th, 2018

   On Thursday we went surfing! The trip started off with a walk around Tamarindo town where we bought smoothies, then we went surfing for a few hours. For some of us this was our second time surfing so we are actually professionals now! After surfing we did more shopping in Tamarindo while we enjoyed some nice cold ice cream!



Day 14th June 29th, 2018

    On Friday we spent time at the beach then after the beach we went to the Fogata (bonfire) on the beach! We enjoyed a game of soccer and other activities as well as food of course! It was a perfect way to end the week!



Teen Program 2018 Monteverde



                  Bienvenidos a todos!


    Hola! I am Nicole the chaperone for the Teen Program 2018! Here is where I will be posting about all the activities the teens attend! I will be updating frequently so you all can follow along with the adventure the teens are having. I will also be posting pictures as well! Thank you all for reading, I hope you enjoy!


Day 1 June 9th, 2018

On Saturday the kids enjoyed a long day at the beach! We woke up very early and headed to Isla Tortuga, a beautiful island with many activities!  All of the kids got to meet on Saturday for the first time as we rode the ferry to Isla Tortuga although, to me it was more like a yacht because there was a live band, snacks for the kids, and even a pool! The kids enjoyed the ride there as the lead singer was asking everyone to dance. After the 45 minute boat ride we finally arrived to Isla Tortuga where the kids got to lay and relax on the beach. When we first arrived they all went to do the snorkeling activity, after the snorkeling activity they enjoyed a typical Costa Rican lunch (Gallo Pinto, fish, chicken, platanos fritos, and rice cake for dessert) after lunch everyone went and played volleyball! Then we all went on the banana boat ( a banana shaped tube where a boat pulls you) after that the kids were almost worn out but they enjoyed the calm hike through the island. We continued to swim and relax till it was time to leave for the boat ride again. The kids enjoyed the beautiful sunset on the way back and finally participated in dancing, where they danced the Macarena. After that dance they were warmed up and even requested songs to dance to! We arrived back to the dock and headed to Monteverde. A long day at the beach had everyone exhausted so they went straight to their host families and fell asleep.


Day 2 June 10th, 2018

On Sunday we had the morning free so the kids could rest since the day before was so full of activities. At 12 we walked to CPI Monteverde where we enjoyed a nice lunch. At 1 we went to a horseback riding tour, the kids enjoyed horseback riding through different trails than the ones they see at home. After that tour we went to a town near by CPI called Santa Elena, where the kids enjoyed smoothies and shopping! After shopping till we dropped the kids returned back home for dinner!



Day 3 June 11th, 2018

On Monday we had our first day of class! The students enjoyed class where they talked in Spanish and played games to help them with vocabulary. After class we had lunch then went to the Curi Cancha Reserve hike! The kids loved the hike, besides the beach I think that was their favorite activity so far. They had so many questions and loved learning about the nature of Costa Rica. 


Day 4 June 12th, 2018

   On Tuesday we were supposed to go canyoning, but the rain was heavy so we switched the activity to a Night Hike which we would of had on Wednesday. The kids loved the night hike, we saw a sloth, tarantula, walking stick, viper snake, and more. This activity was hard to get pictures of considering it was dark and one of the rules is we are not able to use flash because it will hurt the animals, so I apologize for the lack of pictures in advance. However they loved it and their goal was to see a sloth so mission accomplished!


Day 5 June 13th, 2018

 On Wednesday the kids had a cooking class where they learned how to cook typical Costa Rican food! After the cooking class they went canyoning which is repelling down waterfalls, a complete adrenaline rush, but they loved it! I think we have a new favorite now out of all the activities we have been on! 



Day 6 June 14th, 2018

   On Thursday we went to Life Monteverde which is a sustainable farm in Monteverde. This trip was a volunteer project so the kids went and learned about the effects of certain things on the environment as well as how to better the environment. The kids were able to plant trees for Life Monteverde! Thursday was a very fulfilling day and the kids loved everything about this trip and had many questions although, I think their favorite part was the coffee! After Life Monteverde we returned back to CPI where we had a dance class! This dance class included many different Latin dances like Merengue, Salsa, Bachata, and Cumbia. The kids actually did very well, we have new professional dancers now if anyone was looking for some! 




That concludes the first week of teen camp! Thank you for reading and following along on this journey with us! Now off to Flamingo!