Canopy, Animal Santuary & Beach

Sunday July 29th, 2018

Diamante Eco Adventure Park

Today we went to Diamante Eco Adventure Park. We went on the CPI bus to the parking lot and there a bus took us to the front desk, which was on the top of a hill. There, they suggested the first activity we had to do, the zip line. This included the longest dual ocean-view cable in Central America with 1,368m long (0.85 miles). We ended the tour on the animal santuary where we met toucans, sloths, foxes, butterflies, monkeys and different felines. We visited the serpentarium were we learned about the 137 species in Costa Rica. We were able to see the most common ones, including some of the 22 venomous we have. Also we learned about butterflies and frogs life cycle. Kids said this was their favourite place. Sadly we left everything on a locker for safety before the zip line and we were not able to take pictures.

The place is incledibly huge in extensions and for coming back to the front desk we had to take a bus. There we had a buffete style lunch. There were plenty of options.

Once we had eaten, we took another bus that would take us to the beach. There, kids had the opportunity to enjoy the waves, do snorkel, kayak and swing on the hammocks.

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