Hacienda el Viejo

Saturday, July 8, 2019

Saturday!!! no school, yet the perfect day to learn about culture.

At 8:30 a.m. in the morning we departed to our destination of the day; Hacienda el Viejo. There we had a quick snack before starting the cultural tour. Once we started the tour, the first stop was the trapiche (sugar mill). We had the opportunity to assist our friends Quique, the man uncharged; and Curro, the ox who was the key of the process. They explained to us each of the processes from how to obtain the juice and the raw sugar, to how to make brown and white sugar. We got to try the sugar cane, the raw sugar (dulce) and the juice and then we moved to the next stop, food.

At our final stop of the cultural tour, we learned how to make tortillas and we ate tallullas (a tortilla with cheese in between). We also got to try rosquillas, empanadas and tanelas, which are traditional snacks in Costa Rica.

Our next tour was at the Tempisque River. We got in to a boat and navigated up and down the river. Here we had the opportunity to see two packs of capuchin monkeys; howler monkeys, lizards and innumerable crocodiles and bird species. We spent around two hours at the river and then went back to the casona. This old house completely made of wood had been standing for over 15o years and had hosted many presidents from Costa Rica and even a Nicaraguan dictator. We had a lunch buffet style with traditional Costa Rican food, and then we returned to our homes. No doubt this tour was memorable to both our brains and stomachs.

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