If you are registered for accommodation arranged by CPI, please forward your confirmed flight details as soon as possible (if you have not already done so).

a) Free airport pick-up service at San Jose (SJO) International Airport:

Our free airport pick-up service is only for:

CPI Heredia Campus:

  • Those students who arrive into the San José (SJO) International Airport, starting classes at the CPI Heredia campus, and staying with either a host family or at the B&B booked through CPI.
  • Participants whose arrival information has been received by CPI. The last day for our staff to receive your flight details is one week prior to your arrival; after this point, students will not be able to take advantage of this service.
  • CPI Heredia is located only 4 miles from the San Jose (SJO) airport, making it a convenient location from the international airport.

CPI Monteverde & Flamingo Campuses:

  • Those students who arrive into the San José (SJO) International Airport, starting classes at the CPI Monteverde Campus or CPI Flamingo campuses and have confirmed and paid for the Arrival Package.  The last day for our staff to receive your flight details is one week prior to your arrival date; after this point, students will not be able to take advantage of this service.

After arriving to the San José airport and disembarking the plane, you proceed to immigration to get your passport stamped. Then you pick up your luggage and continue on to customs (where you place your bags on a conveyor belt and may or may not have your bag opened by an official). After customs, you exit the main building of the airport; a CPI staff member will be waiting for you at the exit with a sign that says CPI with the toucan logo and your name.

Upon arrival, you are given a package with additional information about Costa Rica, host family details and maps. Also included is information about transportation to Monteverde and Flamingo, if your classes start at either of those campuses.
CPI Driver

b) Students starting classes in Heredia:

For students enrolled at CPI Heredia as their first school, a driver picks up the student and takes them directly to their homestay, room or apartment in San Joaquín de Flores.  For this reason, we recommend a Sunday arrival before the start of Monday class (the accommodations are Sunday through Sunday).  If a student arrives into San José before Sunday, it is possible to move into the homestay early for an extra fee per night. During the high season June/July, students who arrive early may choose to stay at a local B&B.

c) Arrival package for students starting classes in Monteverde and Flamingo:

The arrival and departure package has been organized to and from the San Jose (SJO) international airport. Therefore, we recommend arriving on the Saturday before your studies begin.  The procedure is you are picked up at the airport and transported to a local accommodation close to the airport to spend the night before traveling to Monteverde or Flamingo. The following day, we organize semi-private transportation which drops you off at your accommodations in Flamingo or Monteverde.

The arrival package specifically includes: one night in a B&B in a private bedroom with private bathroom, Costa Rican typical breakfast, free WIFI Internet access, and door to door transportation to Flamingo or Monteverde in a comfortable shuttle with A/C.

The arrival and departure packages are optional services and cost $118 for 1 person. Ask for special prices for couples, families, friends and groups.

Students reserving the arrival package receive payment instructions from the staff of CPI Flamingo and CPI Monteverde. This service must be paid via internet no less than one week prior to flying to Costa Rica. Upon confirmation of payment, students receive instructions for the arrival procedure and the steps taken once landing at SJO to the point of meeting our driver.

The price of the local accommodation and semi-private transportation is not included in the tuition price and are extra costs. CPI makes reservations for local accommodations and the private transportation, BUT if the student is interested in arriving to Monteverde or Flamingo on a day other than Sunday, or decides to arrive on their own, please let us know.

The departure package, is not included in the tuition price and can also be paid via internet before coming to CPI or with the Student Coordinator at CPI.

d) Arriving to Liberia International Airport (LIR)

CPI Flamingo is located one hour and a half from the Liberia Airport (LIR). If you are planning to arrive into Liberia International Airport, and Flamingo is your first campus, you may fly in on Sunday, and CPI can pre-arrange a taxi to meet you for a more reasonable rate. The taxi driver waits for you outside the airport while holding a sign with your name.

Please note that this is an optional CPI service. If you choose this option, please be certain that you will use the service. If you miss the taxi or your plans change, the taxi service will be charged to your final balance as per the transportation company’s cancellation policy.

There are some airlines which permit arrival into LIR Airport and departure through SJO airport and vice versa. This could be a convenient option for you and might be worth investigating.

If Heredia or Monteverde campuses are your first school, and you are planning to arrive to Liberia (LIR) international airport, please consider that this airport is located about 4 hours from Monteverde and Heredia. In this scenario probably you will need to stay overnight in Liberia. If you decide to select this route, CPI can recommend some hotels near Liberia airport and also we can help you to book semi-private transportation to Heredia or Monteverde.

Entry to Costa Rica

The student is responsible to verify entry, exit, and health requirements to enter Costa Rica. These rules are subject to change by various governments and may apply differently depending upon what countries that a student has previously visited. Please check with your airline and confirm that you are in compliance with current rules to enter Costa Rica. Generally, a US citizen does not require a Visa nor special vaccinations and only needs a passport that will not expire within six months of entry to Costa Rica, but this should be independently verified by the student, well in advance of travel date.

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