Academies to learn Spanish in a short time: online and immersion with CPI Spanish

When you are seeking to learn or improve your Spanish but are faced with time challenges owing to today’s busy schedules, a perfect option is to initiate the process with online Spanish classes. The advantage is you can start TODAY – no travel necessary.

Some FAQs:

How does the scheduling work for the CPI online Spanish classes?

Scheduling is flexible with classes offered from Monday through Saturday, aligning to your availability.  On average, students study twice or three times weekly for 2 hours each session in either our group or private class model.  But we have also had students take 90 minutes daily in our private model. 

Can children take the online Spanish classes?

Yes!  The CPI online Spanish classes are for all ages and all skill levels.  We have younger students just starting their language journey as well as students who are at immersion schools back home but are seeking to solidify their conversational and comprehension skill sets.  Another popular option is our private class model in preparation for specialized exams, particularly the Spanish AP and Spanish IB exams.    

I would like to study in a group, is that possible with the CPI online Spanish classes?

Yes, the groups are small and organized around student levels.  Typically, the classes are no larger than you and three other classmates.

My preference is private classes, is that an option?

Absolutely!  In fact, at CPI our most popular online model has been private classes with students moving at their own pace or dedicating class time to professional needs.  We have professionals seeking to work on: medical, business, social work Spanish, as well as Spanish teachers aiming to: increase cultural awareness, build didactic materials and assemble a base of suggestions on how to effectively teach certain grammatical themes in their own classroom.  

I have a 2 week space, can I segue my CPI Spanish online learning to a CPI Costa Rica immersion experience?

Of course!  The CPI Academic staff maintain records on your progress whether with our online or immersion program.  A great way to complement the online class learning process is through immersion – in fact, a very logical next step is to travel to beautiful Costa Rica, especially after the more you hear about this wonderful country from your interactions with your Spanish professor.  Being immersed is like being in a ‘living laboratory’ with consistent contact in the target language facilitating even quicker language acquisition.

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