Watch this video to learn more about Costa Rica slang

Have you ever wondered about which are the most common slang words of Costa Rica? “Costarriqueñismos” are words or phrases frequently used by Costa Rican people, most are very specific to the Costa Rican vernacular, such as "mae" (meaning friend or brother) or “PURA VIDA” (a friendly expression that reflects the Costa Rican attitude of enjoying life and living in the moment).

Take a look at this fun video about some of the “Costarriqueñismos” you can hear when mingling with the Ticos. There is no doubt while adventuring through Costa Rica you will be hearing many “Costarriqueñismos” taught here by Diego Najarro from the beautiful beach of Conchal, just 15 minutes from CPI Flamingo, along the Guanacaste coast. Practice up and you can try to use each one when talking with Ticos! ¡PURA VIDA!

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