The best Spanish option for any homeschool program

While current times can be challenging, the positive side is now we have an expanded list of home learning options; this not only due to technology, but a new global shift has afforded us time to pursue pending goals, which at the same time situates us in a unique position from a motivational perspective.

So, what about perfecting your Spanish to the level you have always dreamed? And, also, how about involving your loved ones? We have found children, especially those in the homeschool model, love joining in!

Whether a 'homeschool vetern' or a newbie to this educational system, and regardless of your homeschool philosophy and method of choice: classic, fully online, inclusive of travel - either complete or partial -- or any possible hybrid in-between -– the CPI Spanish program is the perfect complement to your child’s learning – whether through our live face-to-face online class format or our on-site fully immersive option in Costa Rica.

Regarding the former, everything is possible and the Live format CPI Online Spanish classes are perfect for homeschoolers and small groups.


  1. Flexibility: We offer flexible daily scheduling for all ages & skill levels with friendly, experienced and native Spanish professors.
  2. Proven methodology: The successful CPI Spanish school methodology promotes authentic language acquisition which melds into the perfect combination of gaining knowledge about Latin America, with specific focus on Costa Rica, as well as the development of cultural competencies.
  3. Increase of abilities: Expansion of each student’s Spanish abilities is the main goal, working in areas of: reading, writing, listening, and actually speaking Spanish.
  4. Confidence: We focus on increasing student confidence and each participant’s success.
  5. Experience: You can rely on our 30 years of experience with quality being guaranteed; additionally, CPI Costa Rica is an Instituto Cervantes accredited Spanish school.

LIVE the worldschooling dream! We invite you to study with us in Costa Rica or experience the CPI Live Virtual Campus by signing up for our free DEMO. For more information, visit:

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