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Reasons to include Costa Rica in your TRAVEL LIST!

Traveling whether for leisure, work, to recharge, personal enhancement or for any other reason, always inspires a myriad of feelings and sensations. Regardless of preference -- a long-term culture curious traveler or a short-term vacation tourist -- you know the experience will remain with you forever. There are thousands of destinations from which to choose, planning includes starting to compare costs, attractions, available experiences and other personally related factors that will help you decide one destination over another. It is of little surprise that Costa Rica makes many a MUST-VISIT TRAVEL list.

Spanish immersion classes for Intermediate Speakers at CPI Spanish Costa Rica

Now you know how to introduce yourself, dominate vocabulary beyond numbers/colors/days/months/family structure, and you have a capacity to communicate beyond a memorized series of phrases, you are even using different verb tenses! You no longer are a beginner, ¡felicidades! Your confidence grows at each interaction with native speakers and you are officially at the intermediate level. However, you cannot let the old adage, ‘the more you know, the more you realize you need to learn’ inhibit your linguistic journey; “poco a poco” needs to be the focus as you continue to improve and advance through the intermediate level.

Costa Rica playing her part in taking care of Mother Earth: “there is no Planet B”

Costa Rica and natural resource protection:

Costa Rica has been a well-known pioneer for dedication to protecting natural resources, whether it be in declaring areas as national parks, in caring for water sources, protecting species by making hunting illegal, or in creating animal crossings throughout the country. Fun fact: did you know that 30% of the country’s land is protected? Starting back in 1955 with the establishment of two national parks, the very first areas of protection were created: Parque Nacional Turrialba & Parque Nacional Volcán Irazú.


Walking down a palm-tree lined street as you enjoy the temperate weather, marveling at the culture around you, accessing locally sourced fresh tropical fruits & vegetables, time & space for exercise, interacting with the locals, maybe even volunteering with a local NGO – all +s as you establish a new life in Costa Rica. From the first day, you find yourself amazed by new experiences that stimulate all 5 senses as you take in your surroundings with tranquility now that all the logistics in actually getting to Costa Rica are behind you – your dream of an improved life balance, along with new opportunities for personal growth, is a reality!

How does Spanish immersion work?

First feature: travel to a Spanish speaking country

Being immersed in Spanish means encountering the language 24/7; as such, the first feature is that you are in a country where Spanish is spoken. Considerations for where to travel include: cultural opportunities, proximity to home/ease of travel, length of stay, hobbies & interests, as well as openness to visitors.

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