Where can I find Spanish classes in the summer?

Summer vacation is a great time to explore the globe and learn Spanish in a short time! But how do you find the best country to study abroad and the best Spanish immersion programs? 

Costa Rica is known to be one of the top countries for spanish study thanks to: the quality of Spanish spoken, safety, bio-diversity and close proximity to North America. 

Spanish immersion programs with room and board included offer study abroad programs for as short as two weeks (but also up to various months).

What is the budget per day to study Spanish in Costa Rica?

While comparatively speaking Costa Rica is a small country, shown by the fact that driving from coast to coast - Pacific to the Caribbean - takes only 6 hours through countryside and along one lane highways, it is a country filled with natural wonders, adventure and culture.    

Costa Rica is not the least expensive country in....

PURA VIDA! Here's some idea of its meaning.

Loosely translated as ‘pure life’, the Ticos use the phrase Pura Vida day-to-day in conversation but it is more than a verbal expression, it is also a way of life -- a social construct: it is enjoyment, it is gratitude, it is family, it is love and friendship.  

How is Pura Vida manifested daily?

Is a language immersion program right for children?

Emphatically – yes!  Children are especially able to learn another language and immersion accelerates that process. Studies show starting a second language as a child carries enormous social and cognitive developmental advantages. Parents choose the CPI Spanish Program option whether their children/teens are new language.....

Spanish programs with lodging in San Joaquin

San Joaquín de Flores is the quintessential quaint Costa Rican village, centralized around La Plaza where children, teens and families gather for recreational bike riding, soccer scrimmages and conversation.  Of course no typical Costa Rican plaza is without....

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