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Best way to study Spanish online in the ideal learning environment? TOP 10 tips!

Thanks to technology, you can currently learn Spanish online as if you were abroad. However, in order to get the most out of the online experience, you should plan for several aspects. Why?  Because not only is a suitable environment key to help your learning process, but planning ahead sets you up for success, ensuring you also enjoy Spanish classes online.

 The following 10 recommendations from CPI Spanish institute in Costa Rica will help:

  1. Comfortable personal space: find an area in your home that feels right and determine it your own personal space, at least during the online Spanish lessons. Keep it clean, tidy and pleasing to the eye so that you feel comfortable which, in turn, increases your eagerness to learn.
  2. Good internet connection: without doubt, having good internet connection or Wi-Fi coverage is one of the most important aspects to successful online lessons. Test both your video and sound beforehand to make sure they are working well.
  3. Pleasant temperature: your learning space should neither be too hot nor too cold, having the right temperature will increase comfort and help you concentrate better.
  4. Lighting: getting the best light is important, having an artificial light source in front of you is useful. Also, let the natural light pour in, but not from behind you, this so your teachers can see you better which helps improve the visual of seeing your gestures and pronunciation.
  5. Minimize distractions: if possible, avoid visual and auditory distractions; choose a space away from indoor or outdoor noises, as well as items or people who could distract you, or even distract your teachers.
  6. Put worries aside: establish a designated “learning time” so that you can enjoy the process without pressure.
  7. Personal presentation: being casual and comfortable is not a synonym of poorly dressed; preparing for your Spanish online lessons, even in casual clothes, shows that you care, and this subsequently will positively set the tone for your progress.
  8. Good posture: choose the type of chair and table/desk favorable to your height, permitting you to be comfortable in a sitting position for an extended period of time -- being seated in a well-supported chair will help you maintain good posture and enhance learning.
  9. Do not overschedule: give priority to the time blocks around your Spanish lessons and resist the temptation to fill up the day before and after classes; make sure you have enough time to set up & mentally focus a few minutes prior to starting class.  Alternatively, there's nothing worse than being pressured due to having programmed another activity immediately after class, so leave space post-class so you can process the experience unrushed.
  10. Stay motivated: it is important to remind yourself why you want to learn Spanish, your goals & priorities, this will fuel your determination and help you recognize that your efforts, both small & large, are worthwhile.

For more tips on learning Spanish online, please follow our blog The Pura Vida Experience. We also invite you to explore the CPI Live Virtual Campus by signing up for our free DEMO so you can see the format used by our experienced native Spanish professors to assist you in enhancing your Spanish skills. The CPI language school is also a Cervantes accredited Spanish institute. For more information visit:

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