I want to book my plane. What day should I fly into Costa Rica to begin my classes at CPI Spanish Immersion?

If you are beginning CPI classes in Monteverde or Flamingo, we recommend that you fly into San José (SJO) the Saturday before your classes begin so that we may transport you to Monteverde or Flamingo on Sunday morning.  In this scenario, our team will arrange the ‘arrival package’ for you in advance.

If you are beginning classes in Heredia, we recommend you arrive into SJO on Sunday so that we may receive you at the airport and transport you directly to your host family or CPI recommended accommodation.

A nice alternative for those students starting classes at or only studying at CPI Flamingo is to fly into Liberia (LIR) which is a 1 hour ride to/from the Flamingo area.  In this case CPI can pre-arrange transportation to pick you and/or drop you off; this service is paid for separately and, if organized in advance, is more reasonable than contracting once on-site.    

You may book an earlier flight if you plan to explore Costa Rica on your own before beginning classes at CPI. However, you must then arrange Sunday transportation to your homestay or CPI arranged apartment so that you will arrive to your accommodation before your Monday classes start. 

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