Why choose a host family? What are the CPI Spanish Immersion Costa Rica host families like?

Living with a local family offers a unique window into the culture which only a small portion of travelers abroad have the fortune to experience.  Additionally, the constant contact with the Spanish language ensures you are maximizing the opportunities to achieve your linguistic goals.   The particular advantage of living with a host family in Costa Rica is the best treasure the country offers – Costa Ricans – who are consistently characterized as being kind hearted people who consistently seek to make visitors feel welcome.

All of our host families are carefully screened and are accustomed to housing foreign students, they are exceptionally patient and go out of their way to help our students learn Spanish.

Host families are diverse - young couples without children, couples with children (of all age groups) and older couples with grown children who no longer live at home. We always do our best to accommodate students' wishes concerning homestay placements. If the student does not state a preference, we typically place them with couples of the same age group.

The majority of CPI homestays are within 20 minutes walking distance of the school. If your homestay is more than a 25-minute walk we will pick you up and bring you to classes without extra cost.

The standard of living of CPI homestay families is middle-class by Costa Rican standards. However, most students will find a simpler way of life than to which they are accustomed, especially in Monteverde and Flamingo. Students should remember that although its economy is better than most in Central America, Costa Rica is still a country in development and many homes do not have the same size home or the same amount of consumer items which are found in North America and Europe. Each homestay is clean and safe, and all students have a private bedroom.

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