Why is Costa Rica the best place to learn Spanish
CPI Costa Rica / 5 May 20215 min read

Learning Spanish is not only about the best accent, but also the best and safest country to explore. Want to know why Costa Rica is this place?

Let´s take a look:

  • Exuberant with diverse nature and wildlife: Despite covering only 0.03% of the entire planet´s surface, Costa Rica is listed among the 20 richest countries in terms of biodiversity per area; meaning, it is possible to find more species per square mile in Costa Rica than in larger countries, such as Brazil or Colombia, where you need to cover a much more extended area to find an equal number of plant and animal species.
  • One of the happiest countries in the world: Many studies worldwide have ranked Costa Rica as one of the happiest countries in the world. Nicoya, on the Northern Pacific is one of the 5 blue zones on the planet where people live longer and happier. Want to know why, you have to come visit!
  • One of the best Spanish accents: Yes, Costa Ricans are known to be super friendly, but also their accent is very clear and neutral, making it easy to learn the language. Of course, you will also find very interesting local words to use, like the popular “Pura Vida”.
  • Friendly people affording many opportunities for linguistic interaction: If you want to make friends while practicing your Spanish, Costa Rica is the perfect place! No matter where you are in the country, Costa Ricans are great at conversation and are open to sharing.
  • Security: In Costa Rica security standards are good, as is the medical attention in the event you require assistance.
  • Easy travel, accessible from most major airline hubs: If there is a country well connected to North America and Europe in Latin America it is Costa Rica. Its geographic position and diverse tourist attractions makes the country an excellent hub in Latin America.
  • Tropical climate year-round: You don´t have to worry about which season to travel to Costa Rica because year-round the average temperature is enjoyable and there are a variety of micro climes to explore. One weekend you could be at the top of a volcano with fresh crisp air and another at the beach with shining warm sun rays.
  • Quality services: Anything you may need, you will find it, along with good service and attention.

Definitively, you can learn more about Costa Rica by taking Spanish classes at CPI Spanish Immersion School in our three locations: San Joaquín de Heredia, a small cozy city in the Central Valley; Monteverde, a rural town surrounded by an exuberant cloud forest; and Flamingo Beach, on the beautiful Northern Pacific.

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