Teen Program Overview

Throughout our more than 25 years CPI has perfected Costa Rica trips for teenagers. Costa Rica is a safe, democratic, and healthy country that is frequently noted as the adventure and language learning capital of Latin America. Our small groups ensure participants make lifelong friendships and improve Spanish language abilities! Each TEEN can choose campus(es) and the program model & week(s) which best meets their interests.

Teen Program in Action!

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Animal rescue, volcanoes & waterfalls



Ziplines, hikes & wildlife


Surf, snorkel & sail

Flying Solo Adventure
June, July & August

Teens traveling alone
Full Tours & Activities

CPI Teen Program - Canopy
Price includes:
  • Spanish classes in group 4 hrs a day
  • Homestay
  • Meals & snacks
  • Full week and weekend Tours and Activities
  • Full itinerary program
  • Full-time supervision by chaperones

Requires Minor agreement

*One week price

Exciting Week
June, July & August

Teens traveling with parents
Weekday Tours & Activities

CPI Teen Program - Rafting
Price includes:
  • Spanish classes in group 4 hrs a day
  • Homestay
  • Meals & snacks (Monday through Friday)
  • Weekday tours & activities (Monday through Friday)
  • Chaperone supervision during the week day tours
  • Free weekends

Requires Minor agreement

*One week price

Minor Language Program
For 16 & 17 year olds

Teens traveling alone

CPI Teen Program - San José
Under the Minor Program all teen students are required to:
  • Study in our 4 or 5.5 hour program (in these group classes minor students may be placed with other young adults).
  • Sign a contract accepting the rules of behavior for a minor student traveling without an adult.
  • Be covered by an international health/travel insurance plan.
  • Stay with a CPI homestay.
  • Send a list of permitted tours (we will send tour details in advance).
  • Pay a minor fee in addition to the 10% tuition deposit.
  • NOTE: This program is recommended for mature teens 16 and older, especially for those interested in the Spanish language and/or preparing for an AP, SAT Spanish test or other exams.


  • 4 hour program: $660*
  • 5.5 hour program: $832*

*Starting tuition price for 1 week of Spanish with homestay

Teen Summer Camp Specifics


Conversation is the GOAL! Students are divided into classes with other teens based on speaking ability to make the most of their Spanish language classes. Mini groups – maximum 5 per class - allows students to talk a lot and receive quality, personalized instruction.

Afternoons: ADVENTURE

Costa Rica is THE country for adventures! Top notch canopy zip-line, cloud forest hiking, city exploring, Pacific Ocean sailing, sea snorkeling & surfing, and much more! Every day CPI skillfully combines adventure and Spanish classes to provide an action-packed and fun learning experience for teenagers.

Evenings: HOMESTAY

Homestay = language immersion = the icing on the cake to this premier TEEN Spanish immersion experience! This program was designed especially for those looking to significantly improve their language abilities, and staying with a host family permits campers to speak an amazing amount of Spanish with native speakers as well as gain a profound understanding of the culture.


Each adventure activity is led by local professional guides, including: zip-line, white water rafting, ATV tours, hot springs, waterfalls, sailing and surf lessons, and much more!  Please request the weekly itinerary for specific details.

Teen Program Web Gallery

CPI Heredia

CPI Heredia

CPI Monteverde

CPI Monteverde

CPI Flamingo

CPI Flamingo

Not ready to travel? Keep your Spanish going with CPI ONLINE sessions

Live classes = authentic learning!

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Michael Sweeney

I need to take a moment out of my frenetic life to express my great thanks for you, CPI and Adriana.

First I greatly appreciate your patient handholding while we worked through the signup process. Your facilitation of the process was key.

Max had a very successful 5 weeks. He was constantly challenged and stimulated. I think his comfort zone was streched considerably. He loved visiting your three campuses, he said everyone was friendly and he is proud of his new Spanish. Max also marveled at how thoughtful and well organised all the activities were. He had special appreciation for his chaperon. He said Adriana was unfailingly suportive, helpful and possibly the nicest person ever.I am greatful for all the kindness shown my son by everyone associated with CPI.

Thank You.

Kimberly Wainscoat

CPI was a wonderful experience for the girls! We hope to return for Spanish 4 next summer.  Grace earned an A on her final exam! We are very happy with that. Also with the host families were such nice caring people.



The 3 coordinators (each location) went above and beyond to help us through any obstacles, they were responsive to our needs and communicated with me regularly and did a wonderful job.


My son had an amazing experience.  He had fun, learned about the culture and definitely improved his Spanish.  He particularly loved staying with his host family in Flamingo. He got to be very involved in the activities of the family, practice Spanish and try the local cuisine.  I really appreciated that the experience was just as great as the description and that the itinerary was followed.  I felt comfortable during the two-week stay that he was being well supervised and safe.


Henry had a wonderful time in CPI´s Teencamp. We felt he learned a lot and was well cared for. We appreciated the responsiveness of the team to our concerns.


This was an amazing trip for my daughter! From all the pre-trip questions we had to the communication while she was gone. All I can say is thank you so much for the wonderful, safe, education and recreational trip for Emily.


Excellent first time experience, will certainly return.

Daniel VanDePutte

Daniel’s love of Spanish led him to participate twice in our Summer Teen Camp and in the spring of his junior year of high school he plans to take both the AP and SAT Spanish exams; during his senior year Daniel will take AP Spanish Literature exam.

Next stop for Daniel?  Spain for two weeks this summer on a school trip. It all started at CPI!

Esther Sanguesa

It was such a privilege to meet you and the other professors at the CPI Flamingo School.  This was the very first time we left our son in another country, but we understood that it was for his best interest to perfect his Spanish. We did our fiduciary research of all the Spanish Immersion Programs available in the American Continents as well as Europe, and chose yours.  Still when we visited the school for the first time, we had many concerns, questions and fears. It was after we met the Host Family and the staff at the school, that we felt at peace and happy that we had made the best decision in taking him to CPI Flamingo.  And our son was cared for amazingly and felt like part of the CPI family.

He came home safe and sound, full of new experiences and stories to tell us, and most importantly, he is now fluid in Spanish.  We are very very happy with the results of your program.  It was worth every penny!

Thank you so much for everything you all did for him.