Cooking and Sailing

Wednesday August 1st, 2018

Flamingo Beach

Today kids got to cook after class. They made "chalupatas" for lunch, which is a combination of chalupas and patacones. At the beggining they were kind of worry because they didn't trust their cooking skills but they did a really good work together.

They had to eat fast because we were leaving at 1:50 for a sailing tour.

During the tour kids were able to see whales and  many turtles. The captain looked for a good place to snorkel and the final choice was Playa escondida. There kids jumped in the water with the required equipment.

They saw different marine species and the said they saw a stingray.

Finally, after eating snacks provided by the Catamaran and see the marine life, we came back to Flamingo to leave kids at their houses.


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