Amusement Park

Friday, July 5th, 2019

Are you ready for it?

So it´s Friday we had something special for today, as a regular day, first we went to class at 8 o'clock.

Once we had lunch, our driver took us to San José where the amusement park is.

When we were there, we bought the fast pass. And now, it's time to have fun. 

We began with the water games, and luckily there was no line for us. Little by little we went into all the water games together and it was a sunny day so we had a snack while we dry. When we were ready for rollercoasters, we went straight to the scariest one called "El Bumerán". It goes upside down, forward and backward, it is the coolest in the park. 

We also took the Torre ride, basically what it does is to get you all the way up and they leave you there for a while and then get you down in less than 5 seconds, this is definitely only for brave ones.

In the end, we rode the bumper cars and also the Ferris wheel. It was a good day.

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